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20 DIY terrariums

20 DIY terrariums

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Do you want to succumb to the trend of terrariums, these small ultra decorative containers filled with plants or to boost with a green touch the decoration of your family cocoon? We invite you to discover a selection of 20 simple and quick tutorials to adapt to this new decorative whim.

In driftwood

Lucy Akins You can also do it in originality by making real miniature ecosystems using driftwood found on the beach. These will bring an original, fresh and natural touch to your decor. We love it! More info on this DIY: Ehow

In a paper bag

Lulu the baker Cut out the shape of a rectangle in a paper bag and then customize it with paint. Once the paint is dry, fold the top edge of your rectangle, wrap your plant in the paper and fix it with hot glue. Then cut narrow strips on your paper and fold them to create the base of your handmade terrarium. All you have to do is cut out a paper circle and glue it over the strips. More info on this DIY: Lulu the baker

In a book

Quality homes Turn a pocket book into a terrarium for the home ... that's an idea to say the least original. Where to surf on the recycling trend and give a natural touch to your space at a lower cost! More info on this DIY: Quality houses

In a cup

Tess Pace Photography Sober or colorful, the mugs give us comfort when we put our succulents in the ground! The rendering is offbeat and sophisticated. Perfect for a vintage wedding decor! More info on this DIY: Ruffled blog

In a teapot

Violette Dumont No need to spend a fortune buying a container to accommodate your succulents! A glass teapot will do the trick. See rather! More info on this DIY: The violet gardens

In a tea can

Sarah Johnson There's better than throwing away your old metal tea cans! You can indeed reuse them to grow your small green plants and thus create a vintage terrarium at a lower cost. More info on this DIY: The Sarah Johnson

In a light bulb

Juliette Melton Stop! Do not throw away your used bulbs, they could indeed be of great use to you for making your terrarium. If you decide to get started, all you have to do is get some fine fine gravel, vegetable moss and a mixture of sand. More info on this DIY: The hipster home


Clad and cloth And, for an aerial rendering, don't forget to hang them using a roll of wire. More info on this DIY: Remember the good time

In a stemmed glass

Feedly The stemware are perfect habitats to showcase our succulents. Also, do not hesitate to use them as a decorative terrarium for your home. Small budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: My plant my happiness

In a lantern

Crafts unleashed Store your candles and other candles and put succulents in your lanterns instead. Hanging, on the ground or on your outdoor table, they will turn into adorable exotic mini-greenhouses. More info on this DIY: Crafts unleashed

In a cake bell

Cutting-edge photography Entirely made of glass, placed on a wooden or metal base, the cake bells also lend themselves to play. Filled with gravel, potting soil and plants, they transform in two steps into an elegant and quirky terrarium . More info on this DIY: You are my fave

Against the wall

Anne Liles Photography If you dream of having a terrarium at home but you run out of space, here is a creative model that should please you. To make it, nothing very complicated! Just bring a metal circle, glass plates and a bit of elbow grease and voila! More info on this DIY: Etsy

In cork stoppers

Brittany Mayfield Collect used cork stoppers, make a small hole in the center of each of them and then place your miniature plants there. Also don't forget to add potting soil! More info on this DIY: Ajax servicos


The Golden Sycamore First step: customize your jars with paint. Second step: place a little soil in each of them. Third step: plant your succulents… and that's it! How to create a vintage and colorful terrarium in two brush strokes! More info on this DIY: The Golden Sycomore

In a tin can

Flickr / Karramarro Not sure what to do with your used cans? We have the solution ! Rather than throwing them away, why not turn them into a vintage terrarium? We in any case, we love the idea! More info on this DIY: Lindentea

Under bell

Grandiflora home Made with a designer bell, a little potting soil and a succulent plant, this very natural terrarium has everything to please. More info on this DIY: Grandiflora home

In a fish bowl

Grow little Diverting a decorative accessory from its primary use can instantly make it more interesting. Proof in pictures with this terrarium-style fish bowl! Take advantage of the space available to spread out different layers of earth and rocks. You will see, the result will be magnificent! More info on this DIY: Grow little


My anything and everything Three frames, a spray can, some succulents, a little foam and a fictional candle will be necessary if you decide to get started. So ready to roll up your sleeves? More info on this DIY: My anything and everything

In a spherical ball

Adventures in cooking At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this revisited mini-gardener. To make it nothing very complicated: put a little soil in your spherical vases, then carefully place your plants then hang the containers using a jute rope. More info on this DIY: Adventures in cooking


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