Rainbow color decorative accessories

Rainbow color decorative accessories

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We often believe that it is necessary to match at all costs, our different decoration accessories. However, the technicolor trend of this summer is blowing us the opposite. The mixture of nuances will bring cheerfulness inside and out, like a rainbow after a stormy weather ...

Rainbow chairs and tables

Fly On the balcony wall, multicolored chairs and tables play on it. You get a dynamic balcony in all circumstances!

Rainbow cushion

Monoprix Simply irresistible this cushion in the colors of the rainbow! On the bed or the sofa, it will make the difference…

Rainbow chairs

Maisons du Monde One chair, one color. The dining table on this terrace is full of colors! With this mixture of the prettiest summer nuances, you are guaranteed sunny meals on the terrace!

Rainbow mirror

Ikéa Beautiful collection of mirrors in various colors. A very colorful bias juggling with the degraded style for a very trendy rendering that certainly does not go unnoticed ...

Rainbow lampshade

Purpose Here are paper suspensions changing from red to green, from purple to orange. Suspended in the air, they give pretty colors to the garden!

Rainbow lanterns

Maisons du Monde Lanterns see life in color on the terrace. The rainbow effect seems to have taken over…

Rainbow candle holders

Goal Even the candle jars take on the colors of the rainbow to illuminate the garden table with charm and softness…

Rainbow lounge chairs

Maisons du Monde Sunbathing break on the terrace. And not just any since the lounge chairs have already taken on beautiful colors…

Rainbow umbrellas

Maisons du Monde Planted on the ground at equal distance, these parasols and the pots that accompany them, opt for the color block style. A choice that we validate!