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10 DIY for tea time

10 DIY for tea time

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Do It Yourself are popular and exist in all the worlds of home and kitchen, even at tea time! The proof, we have come up with clever ideas to concoct a teatime like no other. Home made tea bags, cookie sheet, customized tablecloth, tableware worked for a small budget ... There is no shortage of tips to prepare a taste worthy of a princess! Your guests will tell you the news.

Make cookies in the shape of tea bags

Blog Jujube in the kitchen To best accompany your tea, you can bake cookies with butter and then covered with chocolate in the form of a tea bag. Remember to form a small hole before cooking so that you can pass a colored wire through it. You can then dip your cake in your drink! Source: Jujube Blog in the kitchen

Customize your table with masking tape

Gabulle in wonderland For a girly teatime or a personalized children's snack, you can customize a paper or plastic tablecloth using colored masking tape! You can for example draw patterns or delimit the place of plates. Let your imagination run wild! Source: Gabulle in wonderland

Make a suspension with tea dishes

Matmoore Photography Saucers and cups of tea are not only used for drinking verbena. The proof, they can also become original pendant lights that will embellish your table. Your guests will be surprised!

Customize a cake box

Blog The art of curiosity Whether it is to bring to your hosts if you are invited to drink tea or to present pastries while entertaining your guests for a taste, you can personalize a box of eggs by sliding in sweets homemade. Pay attention that the mold of each pastry is not larger than the size of an egg. Source: The Art of Curiosity Blog

Give mugs a makeover

Garland of Grace To modernize plain teacups or mugs, it doesn't take much. Simply bombard a part of the object, which you will have previously defined with scotch tape. Let dry and here you are with a new set for serving tea! Source: Looks and Houses Blog

Create festive glasses

Joséphine Papotte Blog For a colorful and festive snack or teatime, you can dish the underside of your glasses or old yoghurt pots with glue before dipping them in a girly glitter pot. Your children will be delighted by discovering the snack table! Source: Joséphine Papotte Blog

Make tea bags

Blog The cloud is passing Who has never dreamed of having original shaped tea bags? This blogger had the good idea to make her own home made sachets from coffee filters that she cut and sewn in the shape of a cloud before hanging a glittery star on the end of the wire. Source: Blog The cloud is passing

A bestial cookie tray

Blog three little monkeys studio Because serving the cookies that accompany tea in a box or a plate is a little sad, this blogger has made a display with a tray and a dinosaur painted white. A bite that has bite! Source: Three little monkeys studio Blog

Personalize glasses

Lovely Vintage Blog Rather than using plastic cups and writing guest names with the marker, you can personalize glasses using colorful masking tape. Change colors or patterns (pennants, circles, etc.) so that everyone can recognize their drink. Source: Lovely Vintage Blog


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