Provencal postcard at the Domaine de Fontenille

Provencal postcard at the Domaine de Fontenille

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After a year and a half of work, the Fontenille estate is revived! New decor for this exceptional setting including a hotel and vineyards in the heart of the Luberon. A shabby chic atmosphere in this exceptional place that has kept its original character while modernizing its decor.

A chic and retro-modern decor

Serge Chapuis The country house was built between the 16th and 18th centuries. It has been preserved to retain the charm of the old, which did not prevent Alexandre Lafourcade, architect in charge of the renovation of the place, from bringing a modern touch to the interior. The owners Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher did the interior decoration themselves. Result: a cozy chic living room evolving in beige tones and bathed in light by its huge bay windows.

Intense blue in the entrance

Serge Chapuis A surprising entry, sublimated by this intense blue on the wall on which sit great wines from the region. We like the small wooden shelves, which recall the borders on the floor and on the ceiling, as well as the legs of the designer armchair.

Original stamp

Serge Chapuis The wish of the owners? "You had to enter a 19th century house, as it was originally, but enhanced by contemporary art blending easily with this exceptional decor. A daring marriage but one that resembles us." Successful bet ! The proof with this small chic and vintage living room, adorned with floral tapestry and old paintings. A preserved original stamp, to the delight of the hosts.

Rooms with refined decor

Serge Chapuis The hotel has 17 rooms and suites with refined decor. The wood combines beige and mole tones, dotted with a bright green. Airy spaces overlooking the grounds of the estate. We like the padded armchairs, which are found everywhere in the hotel.

Shades of greens in the room

Serge Chapuis Besides the sleeping area, the rooms include a desk area and a relaxation area with sofa and small coffee table. In terms of colors, the anthracite gray brings out this soft shades of green. We also like the different types and shades of wood, from the headboard to the desk to the mirror frames.

Shabby chic bathrooms

Serge Chapuis An undeniable advantage of the hotel, the XXL bathrooms! A refined and shabby chic decor that makes you want to stay there for hours! Patricia Urquiola's sandstone tiles for Mutina bring graphics and color to this soothing and relaxing decor.

Elegance and refinement

Serge Chapuis The charm of the old can be found even in the bathroom with paintings and antique busts on the wall. Small bench seat, free-standing black and white bathtub… an undeniable luxury marked by elegance and refinement.

A reception hall between tradition and modernity

Serge Chapuis Guests will appreciate the traditional reception room, signified by modern touches such as these designer pendant lights and contemporary art paintings on the wall.

Relax by the pool

Serge Chapuis To complete this dream setting, the Fontenille estate invites you to relax by the immense swimming pool. The more chilly will also appreciate the hammams and spas available. More info on:


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