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How to define the space in a studio?

How to define the space in a studio?

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Small space does not mean lack of space. On the contrary, with imagination and tricks (screen, it is structured. A kitchen area, office and of course night, delimit living areas, this is the secret of a functional and pretty home. Follow our advice to find your style!

Design screen

Gilles Neveu To delimit spaces, nothing beats the good old screen. Here, revised in design version, it brings a touch of contemporary decor which makes it an element in its own right.

Space saving furniture

ikea Who says small space, says tricks! To facilitate circulation and organize living spaces, we prefer kit structures which are easy to install and very economical. Here, for example, we have one of the new mini-kitchens from Ikea!

An office area defined by painting

Castorama Here, painting is everything! At Castorama, a beautiful gray-blue delimits the office space from the rest of the room. Without partitioning or enclosing space, this is a solution that gives the illusion of an extra room.

Like clockwork

Habitat For storing and separating one space from another, this type of shelf on removable casters is the ideal ally. Depending on the needs, it becomes a partition or can be placed against a wall for an improvised party.

Clothes racks

Ikea Here at Ikea, we can see how clothes racks can serve you as an open mini-wardrobe AND as a space divider.

An adjustable partition so as not to lose light

Castorama Delimiting a seating area without losing light? This is possible thanks to this adjustable partition from Castorama - which is also very easy to install.

Plant separation

Ikea Here is a new way to green your daily life and delimit spaces gently. Between a living room and a kitchen or an office and a living room. Guaranteed effect!

A veil around the bed

Zara home Here is a nice solution when you want to install a real bed in a studio. To make it more intimate for the night, like a four-poster bed, we install light sheer curtains to tie all around which slide as desired

The platform

Castorama Here, still at Castorama, we have the complete set to delimit the spaces in a studio: colors (in gray the kitchen, in white the bedroom and in yellow the living room); the removable glass wall to create a little privacy without closing the space. The extra thing: the platform, a tip that creates a cocoon space and immediately identifiable.


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