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10 rooms to install on the mezzanine

10 rooms to install on the mezzanine

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The mezzanine often allows you to add a room to your interior thanks to a structure that overlaps with existing rooms. And if you don't know how to use this extra space, we give you 10 ideas of rooms to install on the mezzanine.

A mezzanine for leisure

Do you have a passion that requires a creative workshop? The mezzanine is an ideal space to benefit from a bright and comfortable space to indulge in your leisure.

Upstairs library

Do you dream of a space dedicated to books? Take advantage of the mezzanine to offer yourself a library worthy of the name by installing all your books upstairs and adding a small reading chair.

A small relaxation lounge

If your mezzanine especially allows you to access a terrace, you can use it as a relaxation area by installing a few beanbags and cushions that will allow you to settle in when the weather does not allow going out.

A mezzanine dining room

Note that the important rooms of the house can also be installed on the mezzanine. This is for example the opportunity to dedicate the ground floor entirely to the living room to benefit from a beautiful space and to install the dining room upstairs so as not to be deprived of it.

A mezzanine kitchen

Similarly, you can also install the kitchen on the mezzanine to offer a ground floor entirely dedicated to relaxation. Then remember to have a dining area upstairs also to avoid displacement.

A mezzanine bathroom

If the mezzanine finds its place in your bedroom, it may be interesting to install the bathroom in it to create a large master bedroom while separating the spaces.

A mezzanine bedroom

Note that the mezzanine can offer you an extra bedroom. But beware, to avoid noise and enjoy better privacy, it is advisable to install a canopy that closes the space.

A TV lounge on the mezzanine

Why not take advantage of the mezzanine to create a TV lounge like a home theater? You can then meet upstairs with the family for private sessions. And more ideas here!